Mind's Eye Tribe

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This pass is good for all three levels in any one of these series:

  1. Action for Actors 1: Introduction to Stunt Fighting Performance
  2. Action for Actors 2: Intermediate Stunt Fighting Performance
  3. Action for Actors 3: Advanced Stunt Fighting Performance

  1. Beast Mode 1: Introduction to Creature Movement Performance
  2. Beast Mode 2: Fantasic Beasts (and Where to Find Them)
  3. Beast Mode 3: Of Gods and Monsters...

  1. Heroes 1: The Hero's Journey: The Call
  2. Heroes 2: The Hero's Journey: The Point of No Return
  3. Heroes 3: The Hero's Journey: Art Thou Worthy?

  1. Tactical 1: Firearms Undergoing Battle Assault Readiness
  2. Tactical 2: Advanced Tactical Performance 
  3. Tactical 3: Call of the Battlefield

  1. The Character Forge: Ready Player 1 (Nav 1)
  2. The Character Forge: World of NavCraft (Nav 2)
  3. The Character Forge: God of In-Game: RagNav - Lords of the Motion Field. (Nav 3)

  1. The Way of the Sword 1: Swordplay Basics for Action Performance
  2. The Way of the Sword 2: Advanced Swordplay Performance
  3. The Way of the Sword 3: Expertise in Swordplay Performance

Limit one pass per person.



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