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PRO SERIES - Tactical Performance & Scene Work with Mikal Vega
with Mikal Vega

November 27 (Sunday)
at 12:00 pm

Class length
420 minutes

Sherman Oaks

Train Tactical Performance and Scene Work with the Call of Duty, Director, former Navy SEAL, Mikal Vega.

Learn what is expected of a performer when working on one of the most successful game franchises in history. Learn tactical safety and technique as well as the mindset and energy required to represent those portraying modern action-oriented storytelling at its highest level. 

There will be a 1 hour lunch from 3pm to 4pm.

A note from Director Mikal Vega:
This class is, at its core, is my endeavor to impart some of what I have learned transitioning from serving as a Navy SEAL into becoming a director of multiple Call of Duty projects specifically relating to performance in front of the camera and on a motion capture stage. 

Like many SEALs I have trained top talent in multiple AAA titles but it wasn’t something that I particularly enjoyed as I have always been more interested in the creative aspects of storytelling. 

So when approached to train people for roles or to advise I began to turn them away. 

You see, there is a wealth of knowledge readily available on how to handle firearms,  and tons of high quality reference to mimic on streaming platforms.  So I drifted away from advising and acting became my primary breadwinner. 

However, as I became more and more directorial focused I found myself continually correcting the same weapon nuances in my cast, which was costing me valuable time on set dipping into that advising aspect again! 

I knew there had to be a better way to impart the knowledge and one day it hit me. 

If I could convey the subtle power of proper tactics in a manner that could ride the fine line of real and entertainment from a strict relationship to performance not only would I get an amazing shot but I would be providing my performers real tools that would deepen their performance from a perspective of innate understanding engrained through the embodiment of foundational techniques I have developed upon my creative journey. 

This realization ignited a passion to impart this wisdom beyond my cast. 

So, that being said if you are looking to dump a pistol mag in a 1” group at the 25 yard line…this class isn’t for you. What you will learn will help you do that safely but is not going to be covered in this training. 

This class is strictly for the performer that wants to explore beyond the confines of traditional tactical training and walk the length of the razors edge where the world of creativity and destruction cohabitate. 

For me, one of the greatest gifts this form of creativity as a director provides is watching someone I direct realize they just experienced growth. 

THAT is what made me want to do this class.  That is what I offer, exponential growth. 

I look forward to watching you soar. 

Mikal Vega - Mocap Director - Call of Duty - Treyarch

PRO SERIES Class Cancelation Policy:
Cancelations must be made with at least 5 days notice to be eligible for a refund. Any cancelation made with less than 5 days notice can be transferred to another student, but cannot be refunded or held in the student’s account for a later date.

To cancel a reservation:
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